Types of Pearls

Beautiful and delicate pearls have won hearts of women since ancient times. Pearls are proudly occupying an important place in the jewellery. A pearl is basically a natural gemstone formed within certain species found in the water bodies.

Anmol Silver Jewellery is glad to share information on types of pearls. Pearls are mainly categorized into cultured and natural types. Natural pearls are hard to find in comparison with the cultured pearls. The cultured pearls are grown professionally with organized efforts. Most of the pearls we find in the market are cultured.

Types of Cultured Pearls

As said above, most of the pearls we use are cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are further categorized into different types. The classification is on the basis of their origin, colour, shape, and size.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are one of the most prominent pearls with high lustre. They are white and round with perfect shine. Akoya pearls appear rich and best for lavish jewellery like bridal ones. However, there are colour variations with overtones of pink and ivory.

Tahitian Pearls

The best thing about Tahitian pearls is that you can find them in an exotic range of colours. The Tahitian pearls are available in dark black, brown, green, and blue colour. The appearance is quite different compared to the Akoya pearls. They have a metallic look and hence great for fashionable coloured jewellery.

Biwa Pearls

Biwa pearls originated in Japan and get their name from the lake Biwa located in Japan. These are freshwater pearls and most cultured. These pearls have different shapes similar to small grains. You will find Biwa pearls in various colours like black, pink, blue, and white.

Baroque Pearls

Unlike most common pearls, Baroque pearls are found in different sizes and shapes. Some of the common shapes of these pearls are cross shape, rice grain shape, oval, square, and flat. The shape and size make them ideal to create unique fashionable ornaments.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are grown in mollusc shells and one of the most common types of pearls. These pearls are not grown in oysters and hence are available at a reasonable price. Their shape is not flawlessly round but they do have round-like structure, baroque structure or semi-baroque shape. Yet another best thing about freshwater pearls is that they are available in pink, white, lavender, and other exciting shades. 

South Sea Pearls

South Seal pearls are rare types of pearls. They are large in size and hence it is difficult to grow them. This makes them expensive to buy. South Sea pearls are found in exciting colour variations including deep pink, silver, white, champagne shade, and golden tones.

Pearl markets in India and the world offer a variety of pearls today. However, they are still one of the least understood natural gemstones. We are sure this post has familiarized with different types of pearls.

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