Silver Jewellery Design

Latest Silver Jewellery Design Trend in India

Anmol Silver Jewellery brings an amazing collection of silver jewellery designed in the line of latest traditional and modern patterns. Our assemblage of silver rings, earrings, gold plated silver bangles, and kundan necklaces are skilfully crafted ornaments boosting latest silver jewellery design trends in India. All our designs are well-crafted and help Indian women look stylish for every casual and formal occasion.

Besides evergreen gold, silver is indeed the most popular jewellery in India. Silver ornaments like anklets, necklaces, earrings, and bangles are used since ages. The vogue for silver is similar among tribals, rural, and urban population. Today in modern India, silver forms an integral part of trendiest designer jewellery. Women today also wear oxidized jewellery and gold plated silver jewellery for the workplace, formal events, and parties.

History of Silver Jewellery in India

History of silver adornments in India is as old as the country itself. Considered to be originated around 5000 years back, silver jewellery and Indian women are inseparable since then. In ancient times, women used to adorn the waist, feet, hair, wrists, and neck using the silver adornments. Later on silver jewellery was used in combination with precious and semi-precious stones, and even gold. 

Silver is also an important metal used to make utensils and currency coins. It has always been a popular metal among all the different income groups. Its popularity is also due to its easy access and affordability. Anmol Silver is inspired by this glorious history and proud to give shape to some of the best silver jewels today.

Latest Trends in Silver Jewellery

Women empowerment has also influenced the design and trends of silver jewellery in India. With the increasing number of working women, there is a demand for slim and delicate designs. Silver is always popular as routine wear.

Since women are active in professional fields, there is a clear categorization of jewellery. Silver jewellery is designed as per the needs of the modern Indian women. Hence, we have wedding jewellery, office-wear ornaments, classic party-wear pieces, and heavy traditional ones.

The tremendous growth of women in professional fields has resulted in the outburst of designer jewellery. Silver jewellery is much more than pieces made of silver. Intricate designs, classic diamond-studded pendants; silver necklaces with kundan work are extremely popular. Modern technologies of mining and processing have also contributed to the growth of silver designer jewellery.

Some of the most popular silver ornaments are earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, rings, nose pins, and anklets. Working women love the comfort and ease while working at home and office. Hence, women today love delicately designed silver pieces. At the same time, lavish silver jewellery made in combination with embellishments of the diamond, pearls, and colourful gemstones is popular in weddings and parties.


Anmol Silver understands the needs and preferences of Indian women and creates the right designs. We also know India‛s love for traditional craftsmanship. With changing fashion trends, we create the right silver jewellery designs that help women to express their inner self. Our collections are designed to give maximum freedom to women for picking the right piece that matches their desires and fashion needs.

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