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How to Clean Silver Jewellery at Home

Silver jewellery loses its lustre over time. Even if you do not use them, they get tarnished after certain time. The best thing about silver is that you can clean it at home. It is simple to wash silver and bring back its lustre.

Here Anmol Silver Jewellery have given some simple tips to keep your silver jewellery at home. Many times, silver pieces come in contact with perfumes, cosmetics, hair sprays, and oil during wear and tear. As a result, the metal gets tarnished and gains black colour. You can remove tarnish from the silver pieces by following these simple cleaning tips.

Best Tips for Cleaning Silver Jewelry at Home

Here are some of the simplest ways to remove the tarnishing from the silver pieces.

  1. Take water in a bowl and dissolve little detergent powder. Soak the silver pieces into the bowl for a few minutes. Remove the silver and clean them using an earbud or an old toothbrush with soft bristles or a piece of smooth cloth. Make sure that you clean the pieces with a very gentle hand.
  2. Here is one of the most popular tricks and the best way to clean silver jewlery at home. Prepare a solution of lukewarm water and baking soda in an aluminium container. Take two parts water and only one part baking soda. Dip the ornaments in this solution for few minutes. After few minutes, remove the ornaments and clean them using soft brush or earbud.
  3. You can also clean the silver jewellery using a solution of salt, water, and baking soda. For quick results, use vinegar as well. Dip the pieces in the solution for a few minutes and rub them gently using a soft brush.

How to Protect Silver Jewellery from Tarnishing

As an old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. In order to protect your silver pieces from tarnishing, maintain them properly. Proper storage and use are equally important. Here are some ways to care for your silver ornaments.

  1. While wearing the ornaments, wear them in the last after using perfume, deodorants, hair sprays, and other cosmetics.
  2. Remove your ornaments while you swim and have hot water baths.
  3. Do not wear silver jewellery during workouts or any other physical activity causing sweating and movements.
  4. Store your jewellery in airtight pouches and in clean, dry, and cool places.
  5. Do not put multiple ornaments in a single pouch. Protect them from getting entangled. This will save them from scratches and breakages.

We are sure you liked the above easy way to clean silver jewelry. A little care will also help you to preserve the spark of your ornaments for a longer time. Keep following us to get tips to buy and maintain silver ornaments.

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