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How to Clean and Store Your Silver Jewellery?

When you’ve invested in breathtakingly beautiful jewellery, it’s quite natural to want to keep it squeaky clean. However, not all jewellery necessarily needs cleaning; in fact a lot of jewellery is better off without any cleaning at all. We’ll be looking at cleaning instructions for jewellery fashioned from different precious and semi-precious metals and metal alloys, over the next few articles. This blog post, however, focuses on precise instructions for cleaning your Silver jewellery, without damaging it, or altering its look and feel. Insights have been derived from an exclusive interview with Jewellery Designer and Curator, Deepa Shah.

Silver jewels can be classified into three categories, typically; i) old/antique silver jewels, ii) white/shiny sterling jewels, iii) gold plated silver jewels. Not only is it considered highly auspicious to wear silver jewels, it is also believed that silver has emotionally cooling and calming properties. The elegance of silver remains unmatched by other white metals, owing to its versatility and intrinsic beauty.

What Not to Do:

Using toothpaste, bleach, or dishwasher liquid to clean your silver jewellery is a very bad idea, and can leave your jewellery devoid of its innate sheen and glamour. Listed below are some safe expert-approved methods for cleaning your silver jewellery.

Recommended Approach to Cleaning & Storing Silver Jewellery:

The appropriate method for cleaning antique silver jewellery is a little different from the right way to clean sterling silver and gold-plated or gold-polished silver.

#1 Old/Antique Silver Jewels:

Antique jewels must be treated with care, and a gentle hand. To clean your old silver jewellery, the experts at Anmol recommend wiping it softly with a damp cloth, and drying it with a dry cloth. If the jewellery appears tarnished, wash it gently in mild shampoo water and drying it well before storing. In case your antique jewels are studded with precious or semi-precious gemstones, please use a hairdryer to ensure that no dampness remains in the crevices and grooves. Store your antique jewels in a gelatine bag, a plastic box, or a cloth pouch when not in use.

#2 White/ Shiny Sterling Jewels:

It is recommended that you clean and store white or shiny sterling jewels with just a soft, dry cloth such as Indian ‘mal’/ muslin. Make sure your silver necklaces, earrings, and other silver jewellery are not exposed aerosol sprays. This includes deodorants, perfumes, scents, and hair sprays. Ensure that you place each jewel separately to avoid friction against each other.

#3 Gold Plated Silver Jewels:

You can clean your gold plated silver necklaces, rings, earrings, and ornaments using the same method described for sterling silver jewels. Do not expose gold plated jewellery to aerosols and dampness of any sort. To store your sterling silver jewellery, and your gold plated silver jewellery, lead designer and curator at Anmol, Deepa Shah recommends using a gelatin bag. Storing such jewellery in velvet boxes has long been the norm, but is in fact detrimental to the longevity of your ornaments.

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