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Best Tips to Choose Jewellery Based on Your Skin Tone

Likewise other fashion accessories, choosing the right jewellery is also challenging. Apart from your personal choice, your skin tone is equally important. Here are some tips to choose jewellery based on your skin tone. Choosing your pieces as per your skin tone will make you sparkle along with your jewellery.

Anmol Silver Jewellery is a fashion experts often recommend jewellery not only as per dress but also as per skin tone. The reason is that certain metals go well with certain skin tones. That is why certain pieces may look fabulous for you but not for your friend who has a different skin tone. These tips will help you to choose your ornaments for weddings and casual wear.

Types of Skin Tones

First of all, determine your skin tone and go ahead with the tips. Do not confuse the skin tone with the skin colour. Both are different and hence we give here the types of skin tones.

  1. Cool skin tone means blue veins and sensitive skin that turns red or pale in sun. The hair is mostly dark brown or black hair. The eyes are brownish or light blue.
  2. Warm skin tone is when you have greener veins and the skin gets tanned easily. The hair is bit reddish and the eyes are hazel or green or blue.
  3. Neutral skin tone is when there is no redness in the skin colour. Neutral skin tone is mostly the natural skin colour without any pink, red, or yellow overtone.

Select Right Jewellery for your Skin Tone

Once you know which skin tone your skin belongs to, you can choose your ornaments as per the tone.

  • Cool Skin – Cool skin tones appear great with silver, platinum, and white gold. Cooler skin tones also go great with traditional pearls and coloured pearls. The overtones of cool skin either harmonize or create a beautiful contrast with the pearls.
  • Warm Skin – If your skin tone is warm, gold jewellery will look best for you. You can also choose rose gold, brass coloured, and copper coloured jewellery.
  • Neutral Skin – If you have a neutral skin tone, you can choose both silver and gold metal to wear. In short, you can choose white coloured as well as yellow coloured jewellery.

For many people, it is difficult to determine the tone of their skin. If you are confused about the tone of your skin, go for diamonds and gemstones. Use the jewellery embellished with Kundan, gems, and pearls. You can keep watching how the jewellery colour is fitting with the colour of your eyes and hair. Ultimately, fashion is all about mixing, matching, and above all, feeling comfortable.

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