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7 Reasons to Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery Online

When it comes to buying silver jewellery, there are many options available. However, gold and silver are among the most popular choices. People also love wearing diamonds, Kundan, pearls, and other gemstones like sapphire and topaz. Yet, the sterling silver jewellery is extremely popular among women of all ages and class.

Sterling Silver is silver that contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% other metals including copper. The silver jewellery is made from sterling silver to increase the strength of the jewelleries. Pure silver carries 99.9% silver which is usually very soft. Other metals like zinc and platinum are also used in sterling silver to reduce tarnishing.

Top Benefits of Buying Jewellery Made of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is used in trendiest ornaments to create elegant looks designs. If you are planning to buy silver rings online India, here are the best reasons why you should choose sterling silver jewelry.

#1 Durability

Sterling silver is the best for creating jewellery due to its durability. Compared to pure silver, sterling silver is stronger and offers higher durability. However whenever you buy sterling silver pieces, buy from a reputed jeweller. Also, look for the mark .925 on the ornaments which denote the percentage of silver in the pieces.

#2 Suitable for All Type of Wears

Women today follow a very different fashion trend compared to decades back. Women are more conscious about comfort and style. Silver is great to wear for casual wear or daily wear. Sterling silver is the best choice of working women due to delicate designs and mildness.

#3 High Number of Varieties in Designs

When you buy gold pieces, you find very limited designs. But sterling silver jewellery is available in countless designs and patterns. Silver is reasonable metal compared to gold and diamond and hence can be purchased frequently to explore a variety of designs.

#4 Silver is Skin Friendly

Wearing pieces made of base metals can be allergic for the skin. Silver also has therapeutic properties and healthy for the skin. When you choose silver over other base metals like brass, you are keeping your skin safe from allergies and skin disorders.

#5 Available in Endless Combinations

Sterling silver jewelry is used in combination of various other metals and elements like gold, Kundan, gems, pearls, and diamonds. Unlike gold, silver offers you abundant combinations with other ornamental metals. You have greater scope of staying trendy and versatile.

#6 Simple to Maintain

Silver pieces generally get tarnished after a certain period of time. Fortunately, it is very simple to maintain them and clean them. A simple wash using regular detergent can bring back the same original luster to the piece.

#7 Easier to Keep up with the Trends

Sterling silver is in fashion since long and it is going to be in vogue forever. While gold is lavish and loud for certain occasions and casual wear, silver is always trendy.

When you buy silver jewellery online India, it is easier to stay with the fashion trends. Other trends like diamonds and gemstones keep changing but it is not so with the silver. Silver is all about staying in fashion with high versatility.

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